Exquisite Flowers

All of these images were taken in my friends garden.

I had just finished watering and loved the way the blooms were looking.


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Getting Closer

What a Difference a Day Makes

Less than 24 hours after the featured image above was taken, the concreting was done.  The driveway, the floor in our patio out the back, and the pad for the water tank (which is now in place and no longer visible from the front), are now completed.

The whole facade has taken on a different look, and I have to say, “It looks good!”
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Chicken Parmigiana at The Full Moon Hotel

After eight months of not reviewing Chicken Parmigiani’s, I decided I have to finish what I started.  That is to say, I have to continue to post reviews whenever we dine out and I chose to enjoy my favourite ‘pub grub’.  So to that end, here’s my latest review – Enjoy!

The Naked Schnitzel – with Parma-rarma Topper

At The Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate

Frequenting one of our old haunts is one of the many pleasures of spending time in what used to be our ‘home town’.  Doing so at an establishment that was not only one of our favourites, but also close to where we used to live and enjoying such good food makes the visit all the more enjoyable.
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Stunning Frangipanis


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A Little Something Blue

Even though his feathers are azure in colour, this is not the Azure Kingfisher.


Look at those brilliant blue feathers

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