Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was not taken last week.
(It was taken the week before.)

Flossy being pensive

Whiskers on kittens

And yet, even though I took this photo on August 20, (2016), I had to share as a follow on from Raindrop on Roses earlier this month.
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Walking track up to the Baroon Pocket Dam lookout.

Beautiful Music

The Sounds of the Aussie Bush

I’m always sharing photos of what Dean and I see when we go out bushwalking, and we’ve seen some amazing things, but today I’m sharing what we hear.
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A Hidden Gem

In the middle there,

Behind the unfurled petals.

Lurks a tiny star.
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Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was not taken by me.

It was not even taken in Australia.

Meet Little Nova with her mummy Line

Little Nova with her mummy

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The First Hippeastrum

The presence of Hippeastrums in gardens across Australia is quite common, not a rare thing at all, and here in Queensland they normally flower from late September through to early October.

The bulbs can produce up to four flowers per stalk and they are exceptionally big, rather beautiful, and incredibly voluptuous, trumpet-shaped blooms.
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