Moving In and Getting Comfy

The car was packed, our son-in-law’s truck was packed, my brother-in-law’s box trailer was packed, and we were ready to take the 90 minute driving up the M1 Motorway to our new home in Caloundra.

That was Thursday and everything went according to plan, unlike the previous two days that had been tough and completely out of our control.  It’s amazing how one (seemingly minor) omission held up the council approval, which in turn held up the final payment, which in turn resulted in a slightly delayed handover.

The cascading effect of that one omission was almost beyond my stress level’s maximum setting.

Certainly, it was greater than the sum of my parts that allow me to sleep.
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Only Two More Sleeps

It’s almost incomprehensible that, finally, after (patiently) waiting nine months – long enough to make a new human – Dean and I are about to be cooking with gas.

That I’m aware, everything is in place and all final touches attended to.  The only thing pending is the council approval which is being carried out as I type.
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A Mini Break

Before the Moving In Madness Begins!

Finally, we are down to single figures – that’s right – single figures.  Thursday next week is now only eight days away.  Not that I’m counting, but with only eight sleeps to go until we are scheduled to take possession of our new home, Dean and I are starting to get very excited and the moving in madness is about to begin in earnest.
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Our New Backyard

Stoic sentinels,

Bare lava from ancient times.

Repurposed nature.
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Nearly There

With ‘Practical Completion’ only eight days away, Dean and I are starting to see the finish line.  My understanding is that practical completion is a pre-handover inspection and we will be doing just that Thursday next week, with the help of an industry professional of course.

Providing everything goes according to plan, we will then have one more week to wait before this little beauty is all ours.

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