Baked Hams, and Bah Humbugs

Clare:  Woohoo!  Only five more sleeps till Christmas!

Dean:  We don’t have to buy each other gifts do we?

Clare:  Really?  Are we going to do this again?

Dean:  Do what?

Clare:  The whole “Christmas is just another retail rip off designed to make you spend money!”

Dean:  Well, it is.

Clare:  It’s not – It’s Christmas!  Time for loved one, baked ham, and humbugs.

Dean:  Don’t you mean ‘bah humbugs’?

Clare:  Oh, bah humbugs nothing!

Dean:  Well, we don’t have to buy for the kids any more.

Clare:  But what about buying something for ourselves?

Dean:  Why?  We have everything we need.

Clare:  Do we?

Dean:  Sure we do.

Clare:  What about that air compressor you want?

Dean:  What about it?

Clare:  I could buy it and wrap it, and when you open it on Friday morning you could say “Oh Wow!  Just what I’ve always wanted!”

Dean:  Whatever.  But I guess that means I’ll have to buy you something.

Clare:  Well that would be nice.

Dean:  What do you want?

Clare:  After all these years, can you not think of anything?

Dean:  I guess I can.

Clare:  Thank goodness for that.

Dean:  I know!

Dean:  Here’s $100 – go and buy yourself something pretty.

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –


Christmas Wishes to Everyone

Christmas decorations


  1. That sound exactly like our house…my hubby even got the air compressor 2 weeks ago, but has not opened it yet.Only difference is I got some golf clubs I have been wanting for ages, but I have not used them either.

    Wherever you spend Christmas, I hope you have a really enjoyable day,
    And Dean gets over the bah humbugs

    Merry Christmas…love following your journey



    1. That’s pretty funny Caz Ann. This world gets smaller and smaller all the time.

      Dean will get over his bah humbugs eventually, he does every year. I hope you like your golf clubs, I know I’ll like my ‘something pretty’. Merry Christmas to you and yours.



      1. We started the $35 limit last year with my (now, very small) family and stopped stockings, which had turned into ridiuculously overflowing bags under the stockings. Now, we draw names and you only have to buy for one person . Of course, our wee one is fair game for anyone but luckily, no one has gone overboard the last two years. It’s been surprisingly a relief and I wouldn’t go back to what we used to do!



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