Watermelon Anyone?

I’m so delighted I could almost squeal.

Look at the gorgeous little flower on my Watermelon Frangipani.

Solo bloom on my Watermelon Frangipani

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A Very Different Me

When I was at school, I was so dissimilar to everyone else.  I was nothing like the Susans or the Cathys.  I was so unlike the Karens, or the Marys or the Donnas, and I was vastly different from the Deborahs, and the Debbies, and Lisas and the Lindas.

“And why was this?” I hear you ask.

“What is it that made ‘you’ so different?”
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The Frog Highway

Initially, when we were looking for a block of land to purchase, we thought we would end up buying land in Aura, a purposefully designed “… City of Colour, set to become Queensland’s most vibrant new community on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.”  (According to the developer’s website anyway.)

But as it turns out, the only block we could afford backed onto, what was to become and now is, a major arterial road.  What we ended up buying was a block of land in the previous estate (same developer) and are delighted our block backs onto a little nature reserve and, hidden within that little reserve, is a frog highway. Continue reading →

Being Still

I love getting out in the garden and tending to my plants.  There’s a simple joy that goes hand in hand with watering them and watching them grow, and it is amazing how they respond to a little fertiliser.

My frangipani – still blooming

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The Super Blue (No So Blood) Moon

It was rather sad last night to be in the prime position to view the total lunar eclipse and to have Mother Nature (once again) have other ideas.  As the time for the eclipse drew closer, so did the storm clouds, with the heavens opening up at the precise time the Moon would have entered the Earth’s shadow.

Luckily though, we had taken a drive down to the beach earlier to watch the Moon rising before those pesky clouds arrived.
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