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My husband Dean and I were two lost souls who travelled around Australia for almost 2 years, loving living and laughing all the way. When our incredible adventure concluded, I kept blogging, changed the name of my blog to Clare's Cosmos and now I write about what I do, where I go, and what I see, continuing to share my thoughts and photographs with the odd haiku or standard poem thrown in along the way. My desire is that you find a twinkling star somewhere within my galaxy of thoughts and creativity.

Chicken Parmigiana at the Bellvista Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, I declared that one night each week Dean was to prepare our evening meal.  I don’t particularly care what he cooks, it’s all about me not cooking.  Sometimes I have no idea what to cook, and it’s not because I can’t cook.  I can.  But to be perfectly honest, sometimes I simply need a break from always being responsible for this daily task.

His solution (after cooking once) was to take me out for dinner, so naturally, I had to try the Chicken Parmigiana.  There were nine toppings to choose from and it took me an inordinate amount of time to decide which one I wanted to try.  I nudged Dean towards ‘The Ploughman’ and eventually chose the ‘The Frenchy’ for myself.
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A Change of Heart

I remember several years ago, a television commercial for a large chain hardware store was spruiking the idea that a gift card (or gift) from their store would make the ideal Mother’s Day present for Mum.  The company in question even had gift cards created specifically for the occasion with roses printed on them – because, well, all mums love roses, me included I must say.

Outraged, insulted even, I was at a loss to comprehend how the managers and marketers of Bunnings Warehouse (in my opinion just an overgrown man cave accessory store) would think that I, a mother of three beautiful little girls, would want such a token of love and appreciation for being a mother.

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Raindrop Reflections

I thought if I got in close enough, I would be able to capture a reflection of myself photographing raindrops in the garden.  This was not the case.

What I did capture though, was the plants beauty reflecting back at me and this image of the raindrops on my grevillea is (by far) my favourite.

Raindrops on My Grevillea

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The Other Side of 500


I’ve posted 500 times since I started my blog.

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Feeling Knackered

This setting up a new home business is tiring, but thankfully, although it has meant feeling drained of energy, doing so is almost finished.

Of late, I’ve been staining the fence.

“That’s not hard!” I hear you say, and if I was 20 years younger, I would say exactly the same thing.  But I’m not 20 years younger, and the physical exertion it takes to paint those naked pine pailings, rails and posts have left me feeling like my arms are constantly carrying around 20 kilo (44 lb) weights.
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