Raindrop Reflections

I thought if I got in close enough, I would be able to capture a reflection of myself photographing raindrops in the garden.  This was not the case.

What I did capture though, was the plants beauty reflecting back at me and this image of the raindrops on my grevillea is (by far) my favourite.

Raindrops on My Grevillea

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Our New Backyard

Stoic sentinels,

Bare lava from ancient times.

Repurposed nature.
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Exquisite Flowers

All of these images were taken in my friends garden.

I had just finished watering and loved the way the blooms were looking.


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Stunning Frangipanis


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Having a Blooming Good Time

With Roses Everywhere!

The weather is getting warmer each day and flowers are opening up, slowly but surely, one bloom at a time, heralding that that wonderful time of the year is definitely here – Spring.

Dean and I are so lucky to be spending this time house sitting and caring for a garden that is bursting at the seams with plants and flowers and fruit everywhere.
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