Good Morning Venus

Looking east this morning, before the sky began to brighten, was the loveliest sight with Venus sitting below and to the left of the crescent Moon.

This is the best shot I was able to get. On days like these, I wish I had a better camera.

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A New Happy Place

With all the leaves gone from my Frangipani tree, I was curious as to where my little green friend might be hiding.  He comes and goes with the rain, and as we’ve had a week of wet weather, I was hoping he’d be snuggled up somewhere.

A quick scout around the other plants revealed his new hiding place in the top of my Happy Plant (Dracaena flagans).
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Dewdrop Diamonds

Fast, fleeting, and more

Than ephemeral beauty.

Dewdrop diamond dust.
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Raindrop Reflections

I thought if I got in close enough, I would be able to capture a reflection of myself photographing raindrops in the garden.  This was not the case.

What I did capture though, was the plants beauty reflecting back at me and this image of the raindrops on my grevillea is (by far) my favourite.

Raindrops on My Grevillea

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Our New Backyard

Stoic sentinels,

Bare lava from ancient times.

Repurposed nature.
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