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Thoughts from Friends

Sounds like you are really having to tough it out….poor dears.  We are following your caravan park reports with interest as we will be following you in a year or so, so please do keep them coming.  Continue to enjoy. 

Bruce, 12 Dec 2014

I’m loving your blog – such a laugh and great to see you both having a wonderful time.  Miss you.

Yvette, 12 Dec 2014

I too love your blog, I wet myself laughing at your lastest one 🙂 you have your next calling in life “Master Blogger”  Awesome work,  I feel we are taking this trip with you.  Miss you too.

Kylie, 12 Dec 2014

I must say Clare you are an excellent writer! I only wish words came to me in this way.

Ann, 25 Nov 2014

Happy travels Clare… we will be laughing/smiling/crying beside you with all of your adventures online.

Belinda, 29 Oct 2014

Lol it will be us crying because we are still here, and Clare laughing because she isn’t!  Have a great adventure and I can’t wait to watch it all via your site 🙂

Yvette 29 Oct 2014

We will be crying from laughter at Clare’s blog and all the adventures she and Dean are having.

Kylie, 29 Oct 2014