The Finished Taj Ma Mail

Finally yesterday I finished our letterbox.  Having waited two weeks for the rain to stop and the Taj Ma Mail to dry out just so I could paint it, I then had to wait for the rain to ease off again before glueing on our house number.

And the end result?
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I Spy With My Little Eye

Something beginning with ‘Green’.

Our New House Guest

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Beautiful Broms

Yesterday I tottled off to Sunny Broms – the 19th Australasian Bromeliad Conference hosted by the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society Inc. at The Events Centre in the heart of Caloundra.  This conference is only held every two years and what a delight that it was here, in our new hometown.

The truth be told though, I wasn’t attending the conference, just looking at and appreciating the displays, and thanx to my friend Muriel (who asked me to accompany her), I was amazed at how gorgeous the bromeliads were.  I never realised they were so exquisite.
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Is it Greener on the Other Side?

Dean and I think it couldn’t possibly be greener anywhere else.

Especially when we have this in our own back yard.

Our Lawn – just three weeks old

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Making Progress

Though far from finished, this past week has seen Dean and I tackle our front garden.

Kevin the ‘Brickie’ called out from where he was working across the street:

“Would you like me to build you a letterbox?”  

After some careful thought, and a little negotiation, we said yes to a rendered letterbox with a surrounding planter box.  I wasn’t home at the time of construction.  This was a big thing for me.  It has always been my job to keep my finger(s) on the pulse, so to speak.  But I needn’t have worried.
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