A Change of Heart

I remember several years ago, a television commercial for a large chain hardware store was spruiking the idea that a gift card (or gift) from their store would make the ideal Mother’s Day present for Mum.  The company in question even had gift cards created specifically for the occasion with roses printed on them – because, well, all mums love roses, me included I must say.

Outraged, insulted even, I was at a loss to comprehend how the managers and marketers of Bunnings Warehouse (in my opinion just an overgrown man cave accessory store) would think that I, a mother of three beautiful little girls, would want such a token of love and appreciation for being a mother.

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Beautiful Broms

Yesterday I tottled off to Sunny Broms – the 19th Australasian Bromeliad Conference hosted by the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society Inc. at The Events Centre in the heart of Caloundra.  This conference is only held every two years and what a delight that it was here, in our new hometown.

The truth be told though, I wasn’t attending the conference, just looking at and appreciating the displays, and thanx to my friend Muriel (who asked me to accompany her), I was amazed at how gorgeous the bromeliads were.  I never realised they were so exquisite.
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Exquisite Flowers

All of these images were taken in my friends garden.

I had just finished watering and loved the way the blooms were looking.


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Stunning Frangipanis


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More Than a Prickly Flower

I’ve been looking at this flower in passing for the last week or so, but not given it the attention is really deserves.

Razor Edges

Razor-sharp Edges

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