Hello Little One

Lost between the rocks,

And yet, far from forgotten.

Grow strong little one.
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The Year That Was

Unlike the previous three years, two of which we’d been travelling around Australia on our trip of a lifetime, 2017 was different in its own ‘special’ way, with other (different) adventures and challenges both new and exciting.

It’s almost incomprehensible that it’s over and tomorrow is the first day of another new year.
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When Every Day’s a Holiday …

What could you possibly change?

Your view?  Your hair?  Your blog?

Your view – Check.  As per the featured image above, we find ourselves on the western side of Lake Macquarie and admiring the view of an inland body of water as opposed to Australia’s eastern coastline.

It has been refreshing house sitting for the last week.  The few chores we attend to are not overly taxing and I’ve even relished watering Gary’s garden.  Leonie’s cat ‘Princess’ practically looks after herself although I’m at a loss to understand what she does all day during her disappearing acts.

Dean and I have been exploring the local surrounds and can even drive to and from Redhead beach without the use of the GPS.

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